Thinking about your merino base layer needs?

New Zealand made Merino Basewear superfine wool clothing for any environment - feel the comfort for yourself!

You can wear the Merino Basewear Superfine Merino Wool with Lycra® base layer clothing and underwear styles at work and in the outdoors.

Fit, comfort and quality are rated by more than 75% of our customers as being the most important considerations with their underwear choices.

In changeable, damp, wet and cold environments we recommend wearing superfine merino wool fabric clothing directly against your skin - it would be one of the best choices that you can make.

Experience how wet merino wool undergarments and clothes can feel warmer and more comfortable (when compared to wet cotton that can feel cold and clammy).

 Merino_Basewear_Mens_5_inch_brief    Merino_Basewear_Womens_Boyleg_Brief
 Merino_Basewear_Womens_Flat_WB_Long_Pant  Merino Basewear Womens Cowl neck long sleeve top  Merino_Basewear_Womens_Capri_legging

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The Merino Basewear style range has been created for day-to-day living and lifestyles.  There's clothing for relaxing, sleeping, wearing during work and during activities you love...snow skiing, walking, camping, tramping, motorcycle touring and racing, yoga, Pilates, running, equestrian & horse riding, cycling, fishing, on the farm, playing sport, netball, rugby, rowing, golf, kayaking, water sports, skiing, long haul truck driving, gardening, travelling, motor home touring, flying, under work shirts, travels in Antarctica... Possibilities are endless in New Zealand and worldwide!